Hydrographics, Cerakote, and Engraving in Oregon City

We are family owned and operated. 

Blazin Hydrographics creates high-quality, custom jobs using a water transfer printing technique. We also do Cerakoting, Stippling, and Laser Engraving. Based in Oregon City, Ore., Blazin Hydrographics is a family-owned company dedicated to customer satisfaction. Our goal is to provide you with a great product for a great price. Contact us to get a free quote for your custom project.

Blazin Hydrographics uses a water transfer printing process, or hydrographics, that can be used to apply a custom print or graphic on almost any waterproof material, including wood, plastic, glass, metal and more. Our facility is equipped with a TWN water tank roughly 9.5 feet long and 28 inches deep, among the largest available, and a robotic production arm, allowing us to print on a wide range of products – from small items, such as cellphone cases and sporting equipment, to large items, such as engine parts, car bumpers and fenders. Blazin Hydrographics is also equipped to provide mild dent repair and rust removal on projects prior to printing.

We are TWN and k2 Concepts trained. We use the TWN Certified Process to guarantee a flawless print that lasts!

We offer Cerakote, a type of ceramic-based coating that is applied to metal objects in order to protect them from corrosion. This type of coating is also sometimes referred to as a 'ceramic paint'. It can be used on metal objects that will be exposed to high temperatures, such as exhaust pipes. Cerakote is a great way to protect your investment and keep your items looking new for longer!

If you are looking for engraving, we offer laser engraving for precision details or decorative elements. Laser engraving can be used to etch logos, text, or other designs into a material.

Example of water transfer printing with custom print on a bike